Pedro Sampablo

Barcelhome sells the flat dedicated to Pedro Sampablo, the man of pigeons.

The story is as follows:

María, a twelve-year-old girl, knocked on the door bell's front door. She wanted to go for a walk with her friend Antonia of the same age and next to her floor on street Sant Pacià. So Antonia opened the door, ready to go to the street with her hat, Maria pulled her downstairs. Holding hands and very happy, they went out to the streets, singing and laughing.

They walked two streets to Cadena Street, now converted into Rambla del Raval. They sat in a bench and chatted for a while waiting for that man to come, the man of pigeons. He was always timely, every Thursday at 5 in the afternoon, at the corner of the two streets.

They saw how he climbed up the street, dragging his strange cart. A cart that had devised and made himself, as the last and desperate solution to survive and end his days with dignity.

Pedro Sampablo, the man of pigeons as was known later, was born in Zaragoza and was abandoned in a hospice shortly thereafter. He was adopted at 2 years but at nine, when his parents received no more support for adoption, they returned him to the same place. When he left at age 18, he made several trades, he married at age 25 and had 6 children. One day, when he went to a livestock fair, thieves robbed everything he wore and dropped him. He awoke far from home, dirty, beating and with nothing. Desperate and ashamed, he did not dare to return to his house and embarked on a boat to go far, to travel the world looking for work. After many years, alone and tired, he decided to return and look for his family. He did not get it, they had spent many years since he left. He decided to settle in Barcelona and devote himself to breeding pigeons. At first, he had six, with the name of each of his children, a small homage to those children he had never forgotten and would no longer see.

He domesticated the pigeons with much patience and dedication. Pulling his trolley where he kept them, he tirelessly walked the streets of the raval. When he reached their side, the two girls got up to see the show better. People already crowded around. The pigeons, one by one, came out of the cart, flew and made figures in the air, to return to the cage at the shout of the man of the pigeons. Other times, the man pulled a large cane with a round platform at one end, and with a different shout, the dove stood there. The girls, like the other people that had approached, applauded and screamed each flight! Surprised, they admired the obedience of the pigeons.

They had in their pocket a coin ready to give the man of pigeons. They knew that with that, he could eat and enjoy a bit of the last years of his life in solitude, which almost happily passed by pushing the cart, between pigeons and applause.


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