Barcelhome sells the flat dedicated to

el Petitet, the boy of the Catalan rumba.

The story is as follows:

"It is preferable to laugh that to cry and so life has to be taken ..." This was sung by Peret, the boy from Carrer del Cera del Raval, who invented the Catalan rumba. Pedro Pubill, as Peret was called, came from a family that was pushing forward in the textile world, went out to play at street when he was a child. Other guys and he ran singing on Cera Street.

Barcelhome sells the flat dedicated to

Pedro Sampablo, the man of pigeons.

The story is as follows:

María, a twelve-year-old girl, knocked on the door bell's front door. She wanted to go for a walk with her friend Antonia of the same age and next to her floor on street Sant Pacià. So Antonia opened the door, ready to go to the street with her hat, Maria pulled her downstairs. Holding hands and very happy, they went out to the streets, singing and laughing.

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